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Welcome to Calibre Flags and Flagpole Services

Calibre Services Division specialises in all things flagpoles.   

Our Services Team have been in the flagpole business since 1986 and have vast experience in all aspects of flagpole installation, inspection and service. We can offer advice and practical assistance based on our considerable experience.

We can….

•Carry out maintenance on any type of flagpole.

•Provide a flag changing and cleaning service.

•Provide you with customised flags.

•Health and safety inspections.

We are fully insured and will produce Risk and Method Statements as required on all installations or maintenance work.

We can also fit vertical flagpoles, ranging from 4 metres up to 18 metres. Specialised flagpoles can also be made to order.

Our installation teams can take away all the hassle of erecting and maintaining your pole.  Calibre Services Division works with every kind of flagpole imaginable and no job is too big or too small we prioritise keeping your flagpole in good condition and safe for its location.

Our experience means we have a well-developed awareness of the impact location can have on flagpoles and a knowledge of the appropriate licenses (i.e. pavement) to keep everyone safe during installation and maintenance works.

We’re here to help!

Do you need some help choosing the right flagpole? Call us on 0800 689 0147


Need some assistance?

Call us on 0800 689 0147

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Best for Budget

These flagpoles are designed to suit volume users in the construction industry and are ideal for commercial and domestic sites. These budget poles are quick to install and are available to suit landscape or portrait flag formats.

Best for Purpose

Architectural aluminium flagpoles replace traditional wooden alternatives in offering improved longevity, durability and a more seamless finish. This style flagpole is available with either and internal or external halyard. Internal halyards (rope inside the pole) are largely recommended as they are vandal proof and minimise noise made from the flagpoles ropes.

Portable Flagpoles

Flagpoles are generally manufactured from aluminium and come in sizes from 1.5m up to 6m high depending upon the product. Most mobile products are ground mounted whilst remaining portable. Base types include: drive-on, water-filled, spiked and free-standing. We endeavour to supply a suitable flagpole solution for all events and would be more than happy to recommend the most viable solution.

Event Flag Hire

Our temporary flagpole is an ideal solution for events, the pole offers a professional finish without the hassle of installing bases for your occasion. These flagpoles can be purchased or hired depending upon your requirement in the longer term.